GNB Gaoneng 120C/240C 4S 1500mAh (ZMX Certified)

GNB Gaoneng 120C/240C 4S 1500mAh (ZMX Certified)

$28.99 SGD


After various testing and more than a year flying experience, ZMX team believe this battery is an inexpensive solution for all your Lipo needs! This battery has been flown with ZMX FinX30 2600KV and 3000KV prototype with DALProp T5050C propeller with 450g-500g auw setup and is proven to hold up to abuses. At just 21usd, this is a serious bargain!

NEW XT60U connector

lexan plates for additional protection and a PET material that protects the batteries

Brand: GaoNeng (GNB) lipo
Voltage: 14.8V
standard: 1500mah 120c 4s1p
Output: Silicone + XT60U plug

Dimension: 32 × 35 × 86mm
Weight 180 grams